Michael has been a long-time advisor to Ecologic Brands.  Prior to launching our first package, he willingly shared his experience in dairy processing—greatly helping us to understand the stringent demands of such a filling environment.  Later, while leading Safeway's sustainability efforts he was instrumental in conveying the value of our recycled paper bottle to the brand team at Bright Green to help ignite that project.  Most recently, his launch of The Sustainable Package, LLC coincided with the opening of our new plant in Manteca, CA, where we worked with Mike to better understand local markets in recycled materials and to secure an ongoing supply of recycled fiber that helps close the loop for our disruptive, environmentally-friendly packaging system.  Mike’s expertise was of great help, and his can do attitude meshed well with our team.  His broad experience and contacts make him a great partner for those in need of immediate support for packaging a sustainable supply chain.

Julie Corbett
Julie Corbett

Founder & CEO, Ecologic Brands 
Ecologic Brands

 To whom it may concern,

I am certain that Mike has described his expertise and his extensive experience in packaging. He truly is an industry leader, and as such he doesn’t need my recommendation, his work speaks for itself.  But…

What Mike hasn’t told you is how amazing he is to work with and bring into your project. He brings a ton of energy,
passion and my favorite - curiosity. That curiosity is infectious and we found ourselves pushing for new technology to solve our issues versus just settling for what existed in the market already. For us that meant we weren’t just innovating an existing product formulation but truly bringing a complete consumer solution regarding better for you products, better for the planet packaging, without sacrificing better for the company profit (he is really good at quantifying the financial impact, which makes internal selling much easier).

I appreciate the opportunity to lend my recommendation to Mike, if you have any question, feel free to call me directly.

Pete Thomsen
Pete Thomsen
Director of Sales & Strategy
Sugar Bowl Bakery

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Concept Through Commercialization Support

A long standing partnership to help inform major business decisions including plant operations to retail strategy. Guidance also included material exploration, supply optimization, and value stream mapping.



Package Innovation & Optimization

A dual path project incorporating research of innovative next generation sustainable packaging. While optimizing efficiency, cost and sustainability in the retail space.